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What is a Tonkinese Cat? Tonkinese are a beautiful, social, athletic, loving shorthair pedigree cat breed. Learn about Tonkinese: personality, conformation, color development, videos & photos of Tonkinese kittens & cats.

Linda and Carmen Martino - Southern California - Tonkinese Breeders since 1988

Adult TonkineseTonkinese Description. Tonkinese are active, playful, muscular cats. They are also affectionate, social lap cats. Learn more about the unique and beautiful Tonkinese cat breed.

Buying a Tonkinese Kitten? A pet owner's guide to buying a Tonkinese kitten


Tonkinese cat photoAward Winning Tonkinese. Meet our many award winning Tonkinese cats / kittens.

Page 1: Tonkinese Kittens Being Playful
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Tonkinese Kitten Feline AgilityTonkinese Videos:
Tonkinese Kitten Video 1 Tonkinese kitten training for CFA Feline Agility
Tonkinese Kitten Video 2 9 Tonkinese kittens at play in their jungle gym
Tonkinese Kitten Video 3 Several Tonkinese kittens playing ambush in their teepee


9 Tonkinese KittensTonkinese Color Development. Description of 4 Tonkinese kittens developing their color from birth to week 12. Includes description of development of vision, hearing and behavior.

Watch 9 Tonkinese kittens grow. Large litter of Tonkinese kittens growing week by week.

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